How Indecision Is Silently Killing Your Career & What You Must Do About It Now!

We tend to procrastinate and spend so much time doing nothing while letting indecision paralyse us.

indecisionWe want to over-analyse and ensure we do the right thing at first try and make the right decisions at all times because we see movies and pop culture icons, geniuses, who talk about how they excel and are have been prodigies at a young age without really experiencing failure and we make that our established standards of success.

The truth is, in real life, you will hardly get it right at first try no matter how much preparation or work you put into it – this is why you need to move fast, learn from those before you and understand embracing failure in life and business is the key to being successful.

The truth is, sometimes, there are way too many variables in the path to achieving something worthwhile, you can do everything right and still fail because of factors beyond your control.

Great people advice you to fail fast and learn from it then move on and let the experience leave you prepared for anything life throws at you. This is difference between newbies and masters; the master has failed 10,000 times at what the newbie is just trying to learn.

The master can draw from a bank of experience to quickly adapt when things seem to go wrong in the course of an endeavour, whereas the newbie will instantly be thrown off his game and start to panic; especially when the stakes are high.

In essence, don’t waste time trying to get everything perfect the first time around, take calculated risks, weigh your options and make a decision fast. The most important thing is for you to be responsible and brave enough to take the consequences or result with your chest.

Stop letting indecision ruin your life! Remember, done is better than perfect and perfection is the enemy of progress.

Written By: Ibrahim ‘UnilagOlodo’ Salawu

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