Mo Abudu Pens Insightful Piece On Dream Killers

Earlier today, Media Mogul and Venture Capitalist, Mo’ Abudu penned an insightful piece on ‘Dream Makers and Dream Killers’ on her Instagram page.

Mrs Mo AbuduIn the piece, which was received with praise from most of Nigeria’s top celebrities in the comment section, she emphasised on the importance of being mindful of our attitude and reactions when we encounter dream killers; using them as fuel rather than let them drown our zeal for greatness, and dream makers on our path towards achieving success.


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Good morning beautiful people

I say it time and time again, there are generally two types of people in this world. Dream Makers and Dream Killers. The interesting thing is you need both to help on your journey to success. The Dream Killers always throw doubt and challenges at your ideas and dreams and the Dream Makers do everything in their power to help make your dreams come true.

Even though Dream Killers always throw challenges at your dreams, in my experience they simply help me go back to the drawing board to sharpen the saw, re look at my options and prepare me for my Dream Makers to help make my dreams come true.

Think about your journey, the successes and the failures. Think about those that have helped you rise and those that have done everything to bury your dreams. Didn’t you still rise to achieve the dream? If you did, no doubt so many lessons learnt from those that tried to bury the dreams and if you haven’t achieved the dream yet, ask why? What more must I do to make my dreams come true??

So take a deep breathe every single time someone says NO to you. Put them in the Dream Killer category, stay focused knowing you are on a journey to finding your Dream Makers.

Sometimes it’s just not the right time for some dreams to be realized. Just keep those dreams close to your heart . Prepare, because the opportunity will come and then you will be so ready.

This has been my testimony my entire life.

The irony of all this is that I owe my gratitude to all my Dream Killers and Dream Makers, I could not have come this far without you all.

But one thing is for sure when God says Yes, no man can say No. Which is why #AwesomeGod is probably my favorite hashtag and statement?.

But to all my Dream Makers, I pray God will always be in your corner. You will never know failure . Thank you all so much for believing in me and supporting me on my journey.?

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