Lagos Health Commissioner Says Lagos State Has Passed The Peak Of The COVID-19 And Now On Flattening Stage

Lagos state health commissioner, Professor Akin Abayomi has said that Lagos State has moved past the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, and is now on the flattening stage.

Lagos state health commissioner

Abayomi who is currently receiving treatment after testing positive for the virus stated this on Wednesday during an interview with Nigeria Info FM.

He said, “Concerning the number of positive results seen this period, we have sample collection centers in every local government in Lagos, so the more we test the more cases we find. If there are no more positivity then the outbreak is slowing down.

“So our observation is that Lagos have past the worst of the pandemic, it has past the peak of the pandemic and is now on the flattening stage and over time will experience a down slope of the virus then the end of #COVID19.”

Speaking on the COVID-19 lockdown in the state, the commissioner noted:

“We believe the lockdown was not effective because of the reality of a city where people go out to fend for themselves on a daily basis. If not, you replace a health crisis with an economic crisis.”

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