Doppelganger, A Supernatural Phenomenon Or Just Nature’s Coincidence?

Admit it, we’ve all seen someone who we have mistaken for someone else, and many of us have been mistaken for another person… Well, the phenomenon is called doppelgänger.

DoppelgangerIn simple terms, doppelgänger is a person who bears strong resemblance to another person who they are not biologically related with. It is sometimes called “twin strangers”.

It is usually said that everyone has a twin stranger somewhere.

One thing we must know is that although you may look alike facially, your DNA don’t ‘look alike’.

Relating to an article on abcNews, two twin strangers from Ireland took a DNA test to find out if their result would match just like their faces match.

So, the two went to National DNA testing centre in the country and gave samples of their saliva.

They were shocked when result showed otherwise because they had thought their DNA result would be the same case of their physical resemblance.

Share with me, have you met or do you share striking resemblance with someone who isn’t related to you?

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  1. So insightful, it has never occur to me these ever exixted. Great job to these writer. Abundant grace on these journey

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