Google Introduces People Cards in Africa To Help Market Yourself Better

Google recently introduced People Cards which will allow you to create your presence on their Search engine so that you can be found faster.

People cards

“For those without a formal website, or for people who share a name with many others, this is an easy way to create or distinguish their presence on Search,” Oluminde Bologun, Head of Consumer Apps, Sub Saharan Africa at Google says.

According to the company, People Cards are aimed to allow people to create cards that includes all the details they want other people to have about them.

If a person has a Google account, they can create a People Card by searching their name and tapping the “add me to Search” prompt. This will lead you to a simple wizard where you add a photo, description, links to social profiles and any other relevant information. Google will require you to have a unique phone number for the initial card creation and you’re limited to one profile card per Google account.

“A critical part of creating for Africa means building in line with the insights we are seeing from the region. We see that people in Africa want a search tool that reflects their real environment and also supports them to succeed as they go about their everyday hustle which is why the People Card creator is in full control of their information at all times; they choose what they would like to make public and if they would like to remove it,” Oluminde said.

This feature could be useful for a number of people which includes content creators, business professionals or any person that wants to stand out. Google Search is the most visited website on the planet and this could be a useful feature for some.

This feature was piloted in India about 4 months ago and it seems like Google is expanding the availability of this feature to more countries.


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