Taxi Driver Drives Passenger To Police Station For Refusing To Wear Face Mask

A taxi driver in British Columbia, Canada, drove a drunk passenger straight to the Victoria police station after he refused to wear a face mask or follow COVID-19 safety measures.

Taxi driver

Victoria Police Department reported that on New Year’s Day, around 1 a.m., the taxi driver called 911 to report that a passenger was belligerently refusing his requests to adhere to the province’s Covid-19 Related Measures Act guidelines (CRMA) and repeatedly tried to touch his face.

The man, who at first refused to leave the cab, was taken into custody, fined on three accounts for failure to wear a face covering, abusive or belligerent behavior and failure to comply with the direction of an officer, totaling $542 ($690 CAD), the largest number of CRMA fines issued to an individual by VicPD officers, police said.

The passenger was also ticketed for being intoxicated in a public place, and was held at headquarters behind bars until he was sober.

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