“To Be Stingy With Your Pastor Can Lead To Untimely Death” ~ Pastor Warns Members Of Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria

A Nigerian pastor who goes by the name Goodheart Val Aloysius, has a message for members of the Stingy Men Association of Nigeria (SMAN).

Stingy men association of Nigeria

The pastor warned that members of the association should not take their stingy traits close to their pastors or they would die untimely.

“Hope this ongoing (SMAN) will not be extended to pastors and the ministry? Because to be stingy with your man of God can lead to untimely death. So be properly guided”, he posted on his Facebook page.


For the record, Stingy Men Association of Nigeria is a new men’s movement and social media trend and members are to pledge their allegiance by not being financially committed to women whom they’re in relationship with.

Apparently, it is something to create fun amongst social media users in the country.

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