Beauty Queen Sacked From Hospital Job Because She’s ‘Too Beautiful’

A former model has been forced to resign from her hospital job because she’s “too beautiful”.

Too beautiful

Claudia Ardelean, 27, who has a double degree in law and European ethics, was delighted when she was asked to work at the Pneumophthisiology Clinical Hospital in Transylvania.

Claudia was given the unpaid position on the hospital’s board of directors as a representative of Cluj Council.

She posted about it on the same day she got the job on February 8, but immediately attracted criticism from people saying she only got the job because her looks.

She was forced out of the job soon after, according to local media.

Claudia, who was a former model and beauty queen, has a large following on Instagram of 40,000 where she shared news of the job.

She included a selfie in front of the council building and a GIF as she signed the contract.

She wrote: “I am thankful for the trust and support of the Cluj National Liberal Party!”

However, the newspaper Click said she was forced to resign because she was too beautiful.

The young woman, who now works as a lawyer in a local firm, has not commented on stepping down from the board.

Cluj council president Alin Tise admitted that she was well qualified with a double degree in European studies and from the faculty of law.

Nevertheless Alin made a statement saying: “I deeply regret the incident. I requested the resignation of Claudia Ardelean.”

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