Traffic Officers To Start Wearing Body Cameras ~ LASTMA GM, Olajide Oduyoye

The General Manager of Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, Olajide Oduyoye has said its officers will soon start wearing body camera as part of measures to ensure offenders are apprehended with solid evidence.

Body camera

Olajide disclosed this while speaking on Channels Television on Friday February 26.

Olajide who said technology is the way to go for LASTMA added the state governor, Babjide Sanwo-Olu is working towards helping the agency acquire the necessary technologies needed.

“This year, we are definitely hoping to start in the next few weeks what you will say are non-approachable offence dealings. That means we are going to be having body cameras on officers to capture incidences because things happen so fast and you can’t really say let me get my camera. But if you have your body camera on that is recording, then, you can capture all sorts of different things that you can use against offenders,” Oduyoye said.

He also disclosed that some persons who violate rules often remove traffic signs to deliberately disobey road laws.

“Those who willfully disobey traffic signs go in the middle of the night to remove those signs. When they are caught, they will say that there were no signs. They go and remove the signs to prove they aren’t aware of the signs. This happens all the time,” Oduyoye stated.

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