Trey Songz Faced With Lawsuit For Allegedly Punching Bartender

R&B star, Trey Songz is facing new allegations for punching a bartender in the head. This comes just after a week it was disclosed that  the ‘bottoms up’ singer won’t face criminal charges for his physical altercation with police at an NFL playoff game in Kansas City earlier this year.

Trey Songz

According to a report by TMZ, Trey is being sued for battery by a bartender at the Hollywood Palladium, who says he was working at the bar during Cardi B’s Fashion Nova launch party on May 9, 2019 when Trey jumped on the bar to sit and watch the show.

In a lawsuit obtained by the media house, the bartender claims Trey ignored his warning not to sit on the bar, so he put his hand on Trey’s back to get his attention. That’s when the singer allegedly turned around and punched the bartender in the head with a closed fist. He then looked at the other bartenders blankly and continued watching the show.

The bartender claims he suffered physical pain and emotional and psychological injury as a result of the alleged attack, and is suing for damages.

However, for his physical altercation with cops at an NFL playoff game in Kansas City earlier this year, the prosecutor decided not to file charges against Trey Songz due to insufficient evidence.

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