Lady Narrates How She Was Kidnapped By Human Parts Dealers After Entering A Mini Bus In Port Harcourt

A lady who was kidnapped after entering a mini bus (Korope) in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, has narrated her horrific experience in a video which has gone viral.


In her ordeal, the lady quoted the kidnappers as saying “2023 election is approaching”.

Read her ordeal below:

“Good day People… I want to explain what happened to me on my way to my house from work. I entered a mini bus heading to saint Johns Iwofe road Port Harcourt. I didn’t enter the bus alone, some persons entered alongside with me. As we got inside they brought out a pen knife and gun to threaten us, they told us to be quiet if not we will be killed. Then they opened a cooler with ice blocks and it was filled with human parts, breasts and other parts were inside. When we got to a police check point, they didn’t even care about checking the bus all they wanted was a hundred naira bribe and we were allowed to go.

“We couldn’t shout or do anything because we were at a dead point, so we endured until we got to a Forest inside Etche Local Government, where human parts are sold. People with cars drove down there to buy human parts. I overheard them saying 2023 election is approaching.

“Things are happening, people get missing and dying everyday. Look at my body see what they did to me . I was kidnapped on Sunday 23rd, May they released me by 8 o’clock after they told my people to pay a ransom. They touched my breasts and said I was no use because I’m a mother that they are searching for people who had no child. They slaughtered seven people in my presence ,I kept on crying and praying I thought about my child and my people had no idea of this location.

“They snapped me naked then send my nudes to my family, asking to pay 3Million naira ransom, where will they see such money? My family and friends contributed the little they had.. we were begging them in the name of God. An asthmatic lady died on my laps and she was thrown away and people kept on trooping in to buy human parts.

“Please Nigerians let us do something, people are dying in Rivers State. Avoid tinted mini buses please Facebook friends, I saw a girl there she said she left Lagos to come see a friend she met on Facebook. They slaughtered her and sold her parts yesterday. People are missing everyday, young boys and girls including children.

“Please let us fight against kidnappers and human slaughter, I can’t even remember where I was taken to because I was blind folded and taken out after my people had cooperated with them. The first thing I saw was a Catholic Church of Nigeria Etche. The Police are bargaining with them, even and chiefs and everyone in that local government know what is going on there. Please help victims are there, People are slaughtered on iron table. Please let us help”.

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