Couple Fall Off Balcony Together While Arguing

Camera footage shows terrifying moment of a couple falling off the balcony of their second-floor home in St Petersburg, Russia.

Couple fall off balcony

Olga Volkova and Yevgeny Karlagin, both 35, were having an angry dispute while passers-by filmed.

While the pair were arguing, they smashed into the balcony railings which suddenly broke, causing them to lose balance and they both fell onto the concrete below.

Couple fall off Balcony

Eyewitness told local newspaper: “I was walking with my colleague and filming the historic street view.

“I noticed the row and began to shoot when this happened.

“Someone with medical experience was nearby, and checked their pulses, saying they had both survived. We called an ambulance.”

Thankfully they both cheated death but reportedly suffered broken limbs.

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