Quote Me Not – Cross Your T’s, Dot Your I’s

Quote Me Not; A Series of Stories, Views and Reviews – Cross Your T’s, Dot Your I’s

quote me not keme arubayiHe watched her as she worked, ‘Busy-bee’, as he often called her; every inch, every detail, she took note of, moving up and down, she eliminated all creases. He knew his woman and her almost-obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), so he knew he shouldn’t be surprised that she was doing this, but that evening; paying more attention, he wondered why she took laying their bed that serious.

“Baby, na bed you just serious dey lay like this?”

And in the true fashion of a correct Nigerian, she answered a question with a question:

“If I no do am, who go do am?”

Living in a generation that is quick to tag things as irrelevant because it doesn’t appeal to the trends of the moment, it is easy to get frustrated or lose focus of goals in a bid to constantly be understood. But today, I categorically tell you that it is alright to be misunderstood, because overtime I have watched people excel in the face of adversity, charged with an idea of what they want and what they won’t accept.

Taking note of little details may make you seem overbearing but have you realised how satisfying it turns out to know that you didn’t leave any stone unturned? Perfection as a word might be thrown around a lot, but we all know how relatively impossible it is to attain and yet we fight so hard to be the world’s idea of perfect. As a people, we have become so accustomed to following trends that we have in so doing lost our identity, forgotten who we are and lost sight of our goals (a moment of silence for the ones that don’t even have goals).

quote me notMy definition of trendy is; remembering the past and taking note of the future, while living in the present.

Knowing what you want as a person or having goals doesn’t mean you end up achieving every set goal, but in the process of working on your plans, you find that you drop the irrelevant ones along the way, as you pick up new and better ideas. Having principles on the other hand has never been bad, but finding yourself in the midst of careless people with no form of order in their lives; you begin to question if you’re not being too uptight for thinking you know what you’re doing.

In our everyday lives, we strive for perfection; something relatively unachievable, forgetting that a culmination of all this little efforts is what sets our lives on the path of near-perfection; which in actual fact is perfect enough for the life you choose. Take note of the little details today, they mean something.

I am The Arubayi Keme; Quote Me Not.

About Author:

The Arubayi Keme is a Writer, Editor, Journalist, Content Revamper and lately, a Social Commentator. Though in his mid-twenties, his media career spans over 8 years; and he prides himself in studying human behaviour and interaction.

Instagram – @thearubayikeme

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