Ogun (God Of Iron): Is It Still Effective When Used To Place A Curse; Do You Believe In Its Powers?

If you are familiar with the Yoruba religion, then you’ll know of the primordial “Orisha” called Ogun, god of iron.

ogun diety orishaI remember while being taught in one of my Yoruba classes in secondary school, followers of Ogun swear to tell the truth in court by “kissing a piece of iron in the name of Ogun”.

Oftentimes we’ve had discussions in the bus and other gatherings about if the gods were used to take oaths during political swearing in instead of using the Bible or Quran, just maybe most of them would sit up and keep to their campaign promises.

Let me not bore you with all that anyways, I witnessed something while returning from “the site” where I went to hustle for my urgent 2k and swearing using Ogun was what was used to settle the matter.

The bus I boarded loaded passengers from a particular bus stop where three other passengers joined in. As the conductor was collecting money from passengers, he asked the man sitting next to me and the man said he has already paid. The conductor denied collecting money from the man and this led to a serious argument in the bus.

After pushing back and forth, both the conductor and passenger agreed on swearing using Ogun. So the driver parked at a bus stop, alighted from the bus and went straight to the engine, removing a metal-like stuff and asked them to swear saying if anyone of them was lying about being paid or paying, they’ll die within seven days… gross right? So, they both did and we continued our journey.

My question now is, because it kept on ringing in my head, that if swearing using Ogun still works it means one of them would die within seven days.

What is your take on this, do you still believe in the power of the gods?

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