Money Saving Tips: How to Eat at Work on a Low Budget

January has earned the reputation of being the longest month in the history of a calendar year. Mostly because people engaged in heavy spending during the yuletide season last year. So, most employees’ spending power in January is cut by more than half of what they need to survive until the next paycheque. Survival at work especially as regards transportation and feeding will demand some topnotch budget management skills. In line with this, Jumia’s food marketplace, shares ways to eat at work despite your low budget.

Bring food from home

Planning is very important if you really want to take food to the office from home. You have to cook a day before or very early in the morning so that you will simply microwave your meal in the morning. This is way easy because if you decide to cook in the morning, you are likely to arrive late at your workplace.

Stop buying junk food

Eating junk food is a no-no when you are at work. Before you know, you’re craving for more food. So, cut out junk food from your diet. You would be surprised to see how much you may be paying for prepackaged meals and processed foods. Despite the fact that they offer very little nutrition and are packed with unhealthy ingredients, they are also very expensive.

Reduce the number of times you eat in the office

If you eat two or three times in the office, this is when you should reduce it to once. For some foodies, this may be unacceptable, however, since you are low on a budget, waiting for the big miracle to happen by month end, you have no choice than to take these extreme measures. This is better than going through the day without eating.

Avoid high-end restaurants

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with patronising high-end restaurants when you have the money. However, it will be unwise to still visit these restaurants if you have little money to spend. You should go to a ‘Mama Put’ to eat, provided it is neat, clean and hygienic. The foods there are very much inexpensive.

Order meals on Jumia’s food marketplace

The fact is you cannot always have the time to cook. The healthiest and most nutritious alternative for you is to order food online when you at work. Which online food delivery platform will you use? Look no further than Jumia’s food marketplace. There are a variety of foods on Jumia’s food marketplace which you can select from and the catch is they are very affordable and nutritious. Interestingly, the foods are delivered at your doorstep at the quickest time. This will definitely help you save a lot of money.

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