15 Beauty Products All Girls Should Steal From Their Boyfriends

Elite-Daily-Lumina-Boyfriends-Beauty-Products-800x400One of the perks of living with your boo (besides knowing who will be responsible for your next orgasm) is knowing what is yours is his and vice versa.

Whether that means dinero, the couch or his adorable pooch, you’re both bound to share everything. Above all, the best stuff to play swapsies with has to be his stash of product goodies.

Unless your boyfriend dabbles in your eyeliner collection, you probably haven’t thought much about the idea of crossing over to the boy side of the beauty drawer.

Although men’s razors are already most commonly used by women, in truth, nearly all contents of his medicine cabinet are fair game.

Here are some products you should sneak off with when he isn’t looking — and what to leave for him.

  1. Shaving cream

Do you really need to smell like artificial daisies every time you swipe the razor? Your dude’s shaving cream is made for his face, so it’s automatically formulated to be easier on your legs or other sensitive areas you need to get hair-free. Also, it doesn’t smell like toilet cleaner.

  1. Razors

They have more blades, they get you a closer shave and they’re cheaper. I’m sorry, is there a particular reason you need your own female-specific razors?

Just steal a couple from his pack. He’ll never know.

  1. Hair wax and paste

If you’re a girl with short hair, I don’t have to tell you how important a putty-like product is for styling your locks.

If you have a longer mane, however, you can use hair putty to keep your bangs in place and give your look a piece-y texture.

If he complains you’re using too much of his product, just say you want to smell like him all day. He’ll think it’s hot.

  1. Deodorant

Men’s deodorant does not smell like a tropical sunset and works just as well as any overpriced Lady Speed Stick. Save some money, and stay sweat-proof all day.

  1. Zit cream

His whiteheads and blackheads aren’t different from yours. Just use the same zit cream — it’s not like you’ll actually finish a tube of it, anyway.

  1. Mud mask

He’s probably already stealing yours, but sometimes guys care enough to purchase their own face masks. Swipe his, and you’ll both be glowing Armani ads showcasing perfect skin.

  1. Lip balm

If you need some heavy-duty moisture on your pucker but want to avoid the sheen and shade most women’s lip balms give off, steal one of his ChapSticks. It’ll be virtually invisible, and he’ll appreciate that you’re not getting gloss all over his face.

  1. Curl cream

When your boo’s hair could make Annie jealous, try snagging some of his curly hair products. He purchases the quality stuff, that’s why his mane always looks so finger-combing good.

  1. Body wash

Smell like his sexy self forever and ever.

  1. Face wash

Bonus points if you two split the cost, that sh*t gets expensive real quick.

  1. Face brushes

Don’t use the same one, that’s like using the same toothbrush. Instead, buy one Clarisonic and just swap out brush heads. Look at you saving money for things that actually matter, like hangry Seamless.

  1. Eye cream

Helpful hint: His under-eye area is equally as sensitive as yours, so feel free to play splitsies.

Note: If he actually uses eye cream, that dude’s a keeper.

  1. Mouthwash

You’re swapping spit anyway, might as well throw some dental hygiene into the mix.

  1. Beard oil

I know it seems odd, but using a little beard oil on your hair is an ultra moisturizing power move.

  1. Nose hair trimmer

Those things get rid of everything, including your unwanted bikini line hair and the peach fuzz above your lip. Thank us later.


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