Top Cool Gadgets For Nigerian Bachelors

bachelor-pad-design-ideas-contemporary-ideas-on-design-design-ideasBachelorhood is a time in a man’s life when he is devoid of a wife, children or family. He is single, unhinged by seemingly tedious commitments and free to live life to the fullest.

Most bachelors in Nigeria are hardworking and so spend a period of their lives hustling in a bid to attain a better life. These Nigerian bachelors however also like to look and feel good while they are it. They tend to acquire certain gadgets either to embellish their personal style or increase the wow-factor of their bachelor pads.

These essential gadgets are not liabilities; they are so cool that they are considered ‘must-haves’., Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking service has picked out 4 of the coolest gadgets for the perfect Nigerian gentleman.

Ultra HDTV: LG EC9800

This novel piece of technology is a ‘gangster’ when it comes to home entertainment. It is no secret that guys being guys, are huge on size and the Ultra HDTV: LG EC9800, the world’s largest Ultra HD OLED television available in the market right now, delivers not just in size but in sleekness and awesomeness. Featuring a 55-inch screen, channel surfing on 4k resolution, OLED panel and a curved screen it resonates perfectly with the male persona. The price tag is little too steep at $29,999, an exciting challenge for the bachelor who likes to dare!

Sonos Playbar

Music tends to add a groovy feeling to a bachelor pad, especially when it is loud, and has base. Fused with 9 speakers that emit rich, virtual surround sound, the Sono Playbar does not only offer these features, they also take out the stress of having to deal with wires, making it very portable and thus, easily accessibility. It is perfect for the neat, stylish and minimalist bachelor.

Acer 12K Predator G6-710 Gaming PC

Most bachelors are serial gamers and what best way to enjoy free time than chilling out with Acer’s latest Predator Gaming PC. Geared for extreme gaming, the gadget does not only feature sophisticated hardware. Inbuilt is the Intel’s new 6th-generation Core i7-6700K chip which supports its ability to drive multi-screen games such as the immersive Formula One racing game. It is also capable of outputting 12K video, a very appealing feature to lure in any true gamer.

Logitech – Harmony Touch 15-Device Universal Remote

Face it, most guys do not like stress. Having too many remotes for the numerous gadgets can be a thorn in the flesh for a bachelor who just wants to be able to chill out on one spot and control everything. This sole reason makes the Logitech – Harmony Touch 15-Device Universal Remote one of the coolest devices any Nigerian bachelor can own. Compatible with more than 5,000 brands and 225,000 devices, it can control up to 15 gadgets in your home. It also includes such features as an intuitive color touch screen with customizable channel icons, backlit buttons and charging stations


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