5 things men need more than love in a relationship

This episode of Guytalk Podcast talks about things men need more than mere professions of affection in a relationship.

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Like experience and research has shown, being in a relationship with someone beloved is not a guarantee that it will last forever.

There will be times demands outside the confines of affection are made and only a prepared and mature mind can sustain in this case.

On this episode of Guytalk Podcast, the things men demand beyond love are discussed.

They include.

1. Respect: No matter how sexy your stubbornness and rudeness was in the beginning, in the long run a man will not be able to settle down with a woman who doesn’t respect him. Men are creatures of ego and any woman who does not find a way to make her point without bruising his ego, will push a man away from her, no matter how much she claims to love him.

Ultimately everyone irrespective of sex needs respect as this is the ultimate sign of love in any relationship.

2. A woman who pursues her goals, dreams and aspirations: Men might like to be dominant but they will respect more, a woman who proves herself resourceful and driven.

As much as the typical man loves to be the provider, he will in no way look down on a woman who makes her own path in life. Unless he is a male who is obsessed about dominance and oppression.

3. A woman with a sense of humor: Humor is one of the things which can prolong a relationship.

If a couple have the same sense of humor, they tend to work better together and overcome hard times more than those with a different sense of humor.

A woman’s ability to use humor with her man appropriately will warm her to her man’s heart more and make him love her even harder.

4. Great sex: More than affections, every man at some point loves to have sex. This is the most primal and basic way he recharges his emotional side and expresses himself.

We have seen many cases when men cheat on women they claim to love all because they did not get the kind of sex they desire from her.

Great sex will make a man more pliable to his woman’s influence and make her closer to him than any profession of love will.

5. A beautiful woman (who dresses and carries herself well): 
Every man will be proud and happier if his woman knows how to dress and put together herself outstandingly.

In every relationship, men and women need to show how much they value their partner by presenting themselves in the most appealing way possible. This heightens the senses of the partner and makes them more attracted to them. Men love women who dress well and carry themselves in a classy manner.

6. A woman with people skills:
 In a world where men have been accused of being inappropriate many times, what better woman than she who is emotionally intelligent and able to handle people.

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