(POEM) Keep Going

Some do it for the fame
Others do it for the roar of the crowd,
A right to lay claim to the game.
They see all other’s potentials as lame
Their ‘larger than life egos’ they fail to tame,
Their voices would soon be forgotten though,
For karma will make sure we never remember they even came.
They threaten to murder my passion.
They come with long rods, threaten to gorge out my eyeballs
So that I lose my vision
They try to corrupt my mind, so that I lose my mission
But there’s one thing I know, it is GOD that informed my decision
I roam the streets, hoping that someday fate will smile on my hustle
Praying that someone would discover my talent and give me a break
But I’ve realized that there are many vultures out there disguised as harmless doves
Vultures that will eventually leave you dry and get fat on your fat
Devour your dreams right before your eyes, and leave you no crumbs to feast on
But I need to make an headway, I must make it someday
My talent will make way, of this I’m sure
I am never giving up; it is not over till my God says it is
I will conquer every mountain, no matter how big
I will travel every road, no matter how dangerous
I will test the limits of my talent
No feat is too high, no dream too big
I will never say never, because when all is said and done,
My dream is all I have,
So if I give up today, I have nothing.

(POEM) Tribute To Our Beloved Daddy (Professor Adetokunbo Babatunde Sofoluwe)
(POEM) Iya Mi


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